Ice Driving F.A.Q.

How much driving time will you have?
The course you book determinds how much time you get in the driving seat. If you are using your own car or book a one to one course you have a potential of four hours driving a day. Using the Acadamy cars there could be a maximum of four drivers per car. One day at the Acadamy equates to more millage than on a National Rally event.

How many people are on the course?
This very much depends on the course you have booked. We advise no more than four people to one instructor.

What cars do you use?
3.0Lt RS Porsche 911 (LHD / rear wheel drive)
Fiesta ST (LHD / Front wheel drive)
Nissan Almera (LHD / Front wheel drive)
Gp A Peugeot 205 (RHD / Front wheel drive)
Gp N Evo 6 (LHD / 4WD)
Gp N Evo 9 (LHD / 4WD)

Can I bring a guest?
Guests are welcome there are warm facilities at each venue and plenty of opportunity to see the action. There will be a charge for food and accommodation.

How do I get there?
Ryan Air fly to Oslo Torp from Birmingham and Stansted airports. 2 ½ hours drive in a hire car will get you to the Acadamy Chalets. Please email or call 1 604 907 4187 for ferry info.

Can I bring my own car?
Yes of course, bringing your own car is the best way to ensure you get the maximum seat time and mileage. Many people bring their own cars as pre-season tests and shakedowns.

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